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Why You Should Choose Glow All World Products

Glow All World Inc., is an Edmonton Alberta Canada based company providing the best Glow Products in the world. We have been in business since 2006 and what’s sets us apart from our competition, besides our incredible glow products, is our guarantee. For our ULTRA Glow Stone products “We guarantee our product will glow for 10 hours” offering a FULL REFUND if you find another glow stone in the world that glows brighter and longer!

Looking for the best “curb appeal” for your project? We can make that happen for you and your project. Please take a moment to check out our Glow Products, our Project Gallery – where you will see some daytime and night “glow” projects and of course our incredible Guarantee. You can see our current list of dealers here.

We are actively seeking new dealers so we can better service the world. If you are interested please complete the following form and Todd Ketza will be prompt in getting back to you. *Glow All World Inc. is a Master Dealer for Ambient Glow Technology products for Canada (British Columbia, Alberta & Manitoba) and Mexico*


Glow All World

Ketza Concrete is the Glow All World Master Dealer for Alberta and British Columbia

Our Glow All World line of commerical-grade aggregates & coatings feature the highest luminosity and longest afterglow scientifically possible. What this means to users is that any concrete, cement, terrazzo, epoxy or stucco project which utilizes Ambient Glow Technology will actually transform these surfaces into renewable LED-friendly 'accent' lighting sources.

Ambient Glow Technology allows your interior/exterior concrete, cement, stucco or epoxy projects to illuminate for over 10+ hours after being exposed to a light source for only 10 minutes and requires NO ELECTRICITY!!!

Our self-emitting light technology transforms your interior and exterior projects into unique, safety-conscious, alternative light sources which actually decrease the use of ambient electrical lighting by 80%.


Not All Glow Stone Are The Same

Remember – Once it’s in concrete there’s no going back. AGT™ Glow Stone are the highest performing, non-toxic photoluminescent aggregates in the world. Our SUPER-LUMINOSITY ULTRA Grade, resin-based glow stone feature 60%-75% higher luminosity & glow duration than ANY OTHER glass glow chip, glow marble or plastic glow pebble on the market today. Unlike glass glow stone, AGT™ Glow Stone have no sharp edges.

They neither shrink nor expand in concrete – even in the most extreme of weather conditions! IF you are planning to add glow stone or any glow products to your concrete project, DO NOT compromise your project vision by trying to save a few dollars and buying cheap, hobby-grade glowing glass chips or glow marble. Invest in the best – AGT™


Our Glow Guarantee


Since 2005, AGT has been the glow aggregate market leader.

We understand that in most cases, glow stones are being placed in permanent substrates such as concrete or asphalt and you need to know that they will glow – not hope that they do… Many online peddlers of glow stones, glow marble or glass glow chips say that their product will “glow all night” or “glow for over 10 hours” but the fact is – THEY DON’T!